UX Designer, Typographer, Creative.

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm from Maine, and I'm full of that particular brand of stubbornness that comes with freezing your butt off nine months out of the year. This comes in handy when tackling new design projects: they sometimes fight back, but I know how to face off a moose and drive on ice, so it's nothing a few hours of good paper and focused sketching won't solve. 

I have completed work and internships in a variety of different disciplines. My semester at Fifth Letter Inc., Winston-Salem, was traditionally graphic design-focused, and I was part of a much larger corporate rebrand that was the focus of my four months with the company. At Small Footprint, I was put on an Agile team redeveloping a mobile payments app, and was responsible for wireframing and developing user flows.

Having been raised in New England and gone to college in North Carolina has given me a diverse set of perspectives, both as a designer and as a human being. I've learned to avoid buying food in the Philadelphia airport, but also that the kinds of people I meet and work for will always present new challenges and offer me endless opportunities. My goal as a designer is to bring these perspectives to the table in every project, creating a unique solution that reflects the needs of the client while delivering a beautiful experience.