Handlettering and Other Works


Handlettering and Other Works

I picked up modern calligraphy as a hobby a number of years ago while at college, trying everything I could to not get bored taking notes. I'm now a professional graphic designer, and it has become one of the things I turn to in my leisure time. In the past year I have worked in many different styles and media, and I'm trying something new every day.


Current Work

A great deal of my recent work is in my journal and planner, in Tombow Dual and Fudenosuke brush pens. They're not the easiest tools to work with, but I've enjoyed working with them and challenging myself with new styles.  

Other Mediums

Mixing lettering and imagery is something I have a lot of fun with, and while watercolors aren't something I've had a lot of experience in, I've liked my results so far! There's a lot to be said for pure, stubborn determination and practice.