The Riley School Identity

The Riley School Identity

The Riley School is a small independent private school on the coast in Rockport, Maine. As their Outreach and Marketing Coordinator — and in-house design department! — I developed a new brand language and identity and created assets for future outreach.

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Starting with our most visible marketing opportunity, I switched the school from an old, infrequently updated site and onto Squarespace. With a more versatile platform under us, I built a more cohesive color story and matched new fonts to our existing logo. A great deal of content was brought over from the old site, and copy was rewritten as needed to provide consistency in tone across our site and marketing campaigns.

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Print Advertising

I made reusable print ads for the school in line with our new, more cohesive brand language, and ran our advertising schedule through the year. After launching the website, we chose new taglines that echoed our previous language but were tonally more appropriate for our messaging.