City of Victoria, BC Conceptual Identity


Conceptual Identity for the City of Victoria, British Columbia

VIC-logo-color copy.jpg

I had the opportunity to live in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada for the month of January 2016. I recognized that the city had no strong branded presence as other large destination cities did, and felt that as a rising destination Victoria was deserving of a cohesive identity that encompassed its diversity and history. I undertook the redesign as a personal project, drawing on my experiences in the city and elsewhere in Canada as inspiration.

Pictured here is the conceptual logo. 

I was able to audit several class sessions at the University of Victoria during my time in the city, and during a lecture I heard a phrase that jumped out at me and greatly influenced my designs here: Dr. Paul Bramadat said, "Canada is a patchwork of many cultures." The country is a collection of intact cultures and identities that work in unison to create a diverse community. Victoria, on a smaller scale, is just the same. The patches of color that I utilized throughout my branding suite are a direct reference to this idea, and I brought them together using complimentary colors and shapes. 


The colorful logo is shown here with a two-color version and two business card designs. The structure of the faceted V lends itself well to printing in black and white, and is equally recognizable without color. The business cards display a slight variance in text color depending on the person to whom the card belongs. Here I have shown two government positions with each surname in a unique color pulled from the logo.

Color was one of my biggest methods of communication for this design; I focused on gem tones in blues, greens, reds, and purples, and their adjacent shades to create a pyramid-like texture.

portfolio layout-01.png
Victoria identity.jpg

The branding suite for official City of Victoria communications is inviting, cohesive, and colorful.